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Saturday, January 22, 2011

Dommy on it

There is a part on one of the p90x workouts where Tony is getting Dom to 'bring it' because he is 'Dommy on it'. (“He’s Johnny on it… You’re Dommy on it).

Some days I feel like I'm running out of steam.  Those days especially I dread taking stock of all that I need to accomplish… well, the list of what I already *know* is ahead of me, seems like whenever I cross off one thing, two more things get added.  If I stop to contemplate it, I get this mixture of panic and weariness that makes me want to see just exactly how much a ticket to someplace tropical and solitary would set me back.  But I can't rest.  I have to 'bring it!'  I'm 'Mommy on it'. 

I look around at the disaster that IS the kitchen and wonder how it deteriorated so quickly.  I'm glad I don't have time to entertain because I would be mortified for someone to see the mess.  Plus, I'd have to clean it. Which, of course, I have to do anyhow.  At some point.  Soon.

If I was smart I would have started a load of laundry while the dishes ran.  (I did actually turn the dishwasher on, right?).

If I was *really* smart I would have taught my kid to pick up her toys when she was old enough to walk.  (kicking myself for that one).  Oh, crap... Meant to go to the hobby store to get chore chart supplies.  They are closed tomorrow and I have customers coming in next week at work.  And maybe another 2-8 inches of snow.  In a state that doesn't have snowplows.

Speaking of teaching.... school.  Uggh.  The swirling vortex of academic papers.  Writer's block?  Pfffft.  We don't have time for no stinkin' writers block!  Get those words out girl!  And they better be good!  Sure the grading is subjective, but you better figure it out.  Chop-chop.

And c'mon... It is January 22nd for cryin' out loud... Ummm what kind of redneck keeps the tree up that long?  Not planning on an Easter tree are you?  No?  Didn't think so.  Take it down already.

Oh?  You're tired?  Wahhh. Wahh wahhh.  Maybe someone shouldn't have stayed up past 11 playing video games.  Hmmmm?

And.. Psssst.. Just what are you doing right now?  At the mall letting the kid blow off some steam in the play area?  Don't you have stuff to do at home?  Yeah, I wouldnt be able to take staring at those walls for yet another day either.  Can't blame ya there. 

Boy, am I hard on me.  You should hear the lecture I just gave myself for swapping a shorter work out today.

Don't worry; I was only half paying attention to myself.  I was too busy trying to figure out how I was going to finagle the kiddo to leave here, go grocery shopping and to buy some crickets for the frog.  (on a side note:  I named the frog.  His new name is whatthehellwasIthinking).

I hope she doesn’t fall asleep in the car… not only will that make the other stops nearly impossible, but will make bedtime another nightmare night.  (and I mean the waking sort of nightmare that are my nights lately).

I gave her the 'time is almost up' warning and a preview of our stops on the way home.  I'm sure ‘time’ is way past up... But she looks so cute and happy playing with her new-found friends.  *sigh*

So... There ya go.  I am looking at my quest for supermommydom through bleary eyes tonight.

 I'm exhausted. 
And miles to go before I sleep.  And miles to go before I sleep.

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